There are different types of POS for different kind of industries. Each POS systems have specific features for different industries. So it is best to learn about the different POS systems to know the right one for your business.

Here, I will give you four types Point of Sale systems.

  1. Restaurant Point of Sale (POS). This POS system is classified into two main types “the back kitchen” and “the front desk.” The front desk needs a POS system that operates on a touchscreen. The Front desk receives order and directs it to the “back kitchen” where the receipt will print the order and hand over to the chef.
  1. Retail Point of Sale (POS). This POS system is required for all retail stores. The POS system is used for a single terminal and it runs on a single hardware. The POS is accompanied with an LCD screen, bar-code scanner, CPU unit, keyboard, and a receipt printer. The POS is more like a computer added to a cash register.


  1. Lesser-Cost POS (Point of Sale) Hardware. It doesn’t need to be very expensive to install a POS system. Many developers are competing with one another to make sure patronize them. So trust me, you will always get a fair deal.

  1. Online POS (Point of Sale). You can also decide to get an online Point of Sale. With an online Point of Sale, you can use your hardware. Your hardware might be a tablet or a PC. One big advantage of online POS systems is that their startup costs are very affordable. However, PC solutions can’t replace the convenience of a touchscreen, but if your business is high-ticket price, and low-volume, using an online POS might be able to suit your needs.

Online Point of Sale (POS ) can also be logged into from anywhere, anytime, using any device. Art galleries, consignment stores, salons, small retailers, high-ticket retailers, etc. can use the online Point of Sale system

POS systems are not only for Point of Sales, but it also serves as a way to retain customers and encourage sales. POS systems also perform other functions like inventory management, recording of financial detail, and customer relationship management.

However before you choose any POS system; you should do your detailed research to see if it fits your job, price, and lifestyle (convenience).